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If you're here and don't know about Mordheim, this is the paragraph for you. Mordheim is Games Workshop's skirmish level miniatures battle game. It's playing with Army Men that cost a lot and set in the middle ages of most fantasy novels. Mordheim itself is set in a city that was hit by a comet. The players manage and guide a band of scavengers looting the city. Real noble stuff that you want to tell your grandmother about.



Wizard's Tower

Tinker's Tower

Other Bits

New Graveyard

Wizard's Rook



Future Projects


Wyrdstone Hunt Counters/Table -- Find wacky randomness in a Mordheim scenario. Also intended for use in the actual Wyrdstone Hunt scenario.

Wyrdstone Hunt Counters/Table Explanations -- Explanations about the encounters from the Wyrdstone Hunt Counters/Table.

Stuff that's over there

Terragenesis is the Most Important Terrain Building Site In the Universe, or so I think.

You'll find way too much mail to read if you subscribe to the Mordheim E-Mail Group. (Tip: read it on the web or your mailbox will explode.)

If you like building terrain for miniature wargaming or model train layouts, I highly recommend the TerrainMakers E-Mail Group. "This is list about making terrain and scenery for tabletop wargames from styrofoam, cardboard and all kinds of cheap materials." Find out how to create more cool stuff for your little pewter soldiers to go around, through, and over.

Of course, there's the real Mordheim site over at Games Workshop, but you probably already knew that.