One of the games I play is Mordheim. One of the neat things about that is I get to create my own terrain for the game. Below are a few terrain pieces I've built. Enjoy!


Viggo flees from Undead horrors!

I wanted to make some barrels for the tavern and a brewery piece I was working on, so I found some wooden spools at the craft store. Eight for a buck. Here's how they were done.

First, take your craft knife and cut some lines on the area where the thread is supposed to go. This will create wood slats.

Next, you coat the entire thing with a brownish ink wash (I used either Chestnut Ink or Flesh Ink).

Once that has dried, paint the rims of the spool black. Drybrush with a metal color like silver or gunmetal.

Next, take a black pen and ink in the scored sections to punch up the gaps between the wood slats.

Now you've got a small hole in the top of your barrel. Take a small bit of styrofoam and stick it in the hole. Paint that with the same ink wash. You've now got a cork stopper.

Print some labels and glue them on.

Say "Dang, that was easy."