One of the games I play is Mordheim. One of the neat things about that is I get to create my own terrain for the game. Below are a few terrain pieces I've built. Enjoy!


A semi-modular graveyard. Made from one set of Armorcast's damaged graveyard stones, graveyard slabs, and ruined gothic walls (found in the Graveyard and Cathedral section at Armorcast's site). The two outer pieces are 5" by 7", the center is 2" by 7". On the left, my wife's Sisters of Sigmar prepare to battle my Undead band.

All three pieces were based on 1/4" foamcore. This allowed me to dig out an open grave and place a coffin lid in the hole. The coffin lid was made out of a wooden coffee stirrer obtained at Starbucks. The stirrer was heavily washed in Flesh Ink and not-so-drybrushed with one of the darker flesh paints.

The bases were painted with Scorched Brown, stonework was glued on, and then the bases were painted with glue and model grass was sprinkled on. A heavy coat of spray glue was used to coat and fix the grass. Model ballast was sprinked/strategically placed (see the grave on the bottom right) and affixed with another coating of spray glue. This turned out to be a big mistake as, two days later, the surface of everything was still tacky. I had to re-coat everything with a water/glue spray (mixed 1:1) to seal everything properly.

Because of the repeated soaking, I'm experiencing a bowing of the three pieces. I'm going to have to go back and mount them on that fibreboard.

Stonework was orignally primed black, then touched up with Chaos Black. It was then not-so-drybrushed Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Space Wolves Gray, and then drybrushed with Skull White.