Upcoming Terrain Bits

One of the games I play is Mordheim. One of the neat things about that is I get to create my own terrain for the game. Below are a few terrain pieces I've built. Enjoy!


A while back, I typed Wow. I really liked the two-page spread of Bugman's Brewery in a recent (as I type this) issue of White Dwarf. I liked it so much, that I know what my next big terrain bit is going to be. Yeah. The Brewery. It still is the next big terrain bit I've done - you can see it in the last picture of the Tinker's Tower page. Look for the Guinness can. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete it before the big move and wound up destroying the half-made piece. Maybe later.

Outside the City

There's no reason why we have to hang around inside the city. When I get even more ambitious, I'm planning on an inn in a forest, which means I get to build not only the inn... but the forest! That and the really cool dwarf mine over at netterrain.de look like a really neat objective for warbands to fight over.


I've rebased the Wizard's Tower and it looks much, much cooler. I'm going to build a large hill with a flat surface. On this hill area will be room to put the new Wizard's Tower, a to-be-based Ruined Cathedral, or a ruined castle (ala LotR's Weathertop).