Other Terrain Bits

One of the games I play is Mordheim. One of the neat things about that is I get to create my own terrain for the game. Below are a few terrain pieces I've built. Enjoy!


These are my basing efforts for some of the card buildings that came with the boxed set. Here, I've used a different type of coffee stirrer for some flooring in the building (flavored with Chestnut Ink). An off-white summoning circle completes the interior of the tavern. The base was painted in Scortched Brown, then flagstones were created using gray plastic cut into rectangles and touched up with one of the lighter grays (Fortress Gray, most likely). Glue was painted on and model grass and ballast were used to add some ground cover. This was all sealed in using a sprayed 1:1 mixture of Elmer's glue and water to drench the surface.

The same method was used on this corner ruin (from the Blood on the Streets box).


My blurry Necromancer directs a charge around my first ever totally from scratch built terrain. The blurry one in the front is made out of coffee stirrers, the blurry one in the back also has wooden skewers. Many washes with various inks were applied to the wood. The ground is made from a textured plastic card I picked up at the model shop. It was first washed in black ink then one of the gray paints was used on every... single... cobblestone... Not so bad on one of these small bases, but I've got some other buildings with way too much street.

One day, I'll replace this with a non-blurry photo.